least.  Thankful for me, hair grows back!  I'm not sure if the moments of my mother screaming at me for cutting my hair into a disaster was my inspiration to become a stylist or not, but I'm sure it helped.

It's your big day to look and feel absolutely beautiful!  With my experience and creativity, I can achieve the perfect style for your big day.  Being in the hair industry for over 20 years, I've been creating amazing styles for brides and wedding parties for many years.  I understand how important your wedding day is.  I've  sent hundreds of brides down the aisle with gorgeous hair and feeling confident.  I don't take your wedding day lightly.  I treat every bride as if it were myself getting ready to walk down the aisle. 

I am a perfectionist and will do whatever it takes to achieve your desired style, whether it be up, down or half up.  If extensions are needed for the style, I can incorporate them in.  I will come to your location the day of the event whether it be a house, hotel or venue on Long Island or Queens area.  With being a NY, NJ and CT licensed professional colorist for many years, I can also address your coloring and haircutting needs before the big day.  Many brides have even become my regular clients!  

A little about me...

I guess you can say I started my career in hair when I was a little girl cutting all the hair off my dolls leaving them bald.  I decided at four years old to become a stylist on my own head.  It was the day before a major holiday and I thought it would be a great idea to give my bangs a new style.  At four years old I didn't quite have the knack of cutting hair yet, but I took my mother's sewing shears anyway and started cutting from one side of my bangs to the other side but on a complete angle up to the hairline.  She wasn't pleased to say the